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Search Engine Optimization Terms - Glossary P

Find Important Search Engine Marketing and SEO Terms

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Page Popularity

A technique for calculating the number and quality of inbound links to a web page. Search engines place great emphasis on link popularity for website rankings. Search engines include this calculation within their overall indexing algorithm(s).

PageRank -PR

A method for assigning a number to “score” used by the Google search engine for all pages in Google’search engine index. PageRank (no space in the term) calculations use a specific Google algorithm. PageRank is based on the quantity and quality of the inbound links to a web page. PageRank has been an important measure of a website’ relative “value”, however, Google is now downgrading PageRank importance in ranking websites. The PR displays as a number on a sliding scale from 0 to 10 on the Google toolbar (which must be installed for use) for each site opened in the browser.

Page View

A website statistic used to measure the number of pages viewed vs. server hits. Server hits can be very high for a page, since this measures each time a page is opened. A page view is registered each time a page is displayed. This includes refreshes and returning to a page for re-viewing. Page view is considered a more accurate analytical tool than a hit for analyzing users’ site visits.

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PageRank for Money

Buying or selling a link from a web page with high Google PageRank for improving a website PageRank. This is considered an “illegal” activity and can result in downgrading website ranking or elimination from Google listings.

A guarantee of inclusion on a search engine’s following payment and registration procedures. Paid inclusion does not provide a specific placement in the search engine. A paid inclusion looks like an editorial listing as opposed to a paid link or advertisement. Price varies and there is usually an annual fee.

A guaranteed listing that appears next to search results, usually in relation to specified keywords. In response to recent Federal Trade Commission guidelines, many search engines clearly identify paid placements as “sponsored links” and run them separately from the editorial portion of the page. Paid placement programs are typically based on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand (CPM) pricing, and the cost is higher than paid inclusion ads. Also known as pay-for-placement.

A program where and advertiser pays a flat fee to a search engine. In return, the search engine shows the advertiser’s ads together with search results for pre-selected keywords. ExactSeek, for example, features this pay-for-performance model.

Parent Page

When a page has links to other files, it is known as a parent page to these files.

Pay-for-Inclusion - PFI

A paid service that ensures fast respidering for a website. This provides a website with instant positioning feedback. Respidering occurs more frequently than organic spiders so new content will be included in the indexing process rapidly. Deep-linked pages can be included guaranteed that the page URL will be included in the spidering indexing process. A typical Paid-for-Inclusion program is an annual paid subscription that offers frequent updates plus reports on clicks to pages. Paid-for-Inclusion can be very effective for rapid site exposure.

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Pay for Performance - PFP

Paying for a search engine listing by: pay per click, pay for inclusion, and/or paid sponsorship. Most search engines offer pay for performance options - the “performance” usually defined as a click to the paying website. Pay for performance can elevate your site to a high position in the advertised listings by paying for search engine exposure. This is typically faster than waiting for a better organic search engine listing.

Pay-for-Performance Search Engines

Search engines providing a guaranteed inclusion for a price. However, there is no guarantee of a high quality. A paid inclusion appears to the user as an editorial listing rather than as a sponsored link. Pricing is typically based on a flat fee or index fee.

Pay per Click

Search marketing where advertisers pay a specific amount each time their ad is clicked. This is called a click thru. Yahoo! Paid Search and Google Adwords are the leaders in this type of marketing. Another example, Looksmart directory, uses pay per click for listings.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Sponsored search engine listing advertisements used to send vistor traffic to a web site. Search terms are paid for progressively for higher ranking in an auction format. The search engine then ranks ads based on the pricing in the competitive auction. A pay-per-click ad is a short text statement usually located along with the search engine results pages. In a PPC advertisement, the site owner pays whenever someone clicks on the ad.


A punishment against a web page by a search engine as a result of using non-approved or “illegal” optimization techniques. Techniques that most often result in penalties include using hidden text, linking to a “bad neighborhood”, and redirects. Search engines penalize a web page lower its listing position or a Google PageRank reduction. Penalties also result in a page being “buried” low within search engine results pages.

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Pay for Inclusion. Used by various search engines that guarantees that your site will be listed in a search engine database. Google is a noteable exception that does not “offer” such a service.

Phrase Match

An ad that displays when users search on the exact phrase. The ad also displays when the search contains more terms, but the keyword phrase must be in identical order. For one-word keyword searches, the broad match and phrase match are the same.

Pop-up Ad

An ad appearing in a separate window above or underneath the current visible page. A pop-under ad is concealed until the top window is closed. A pop-up ad is similar to a “child window”, but without an associated banner.


Websites that are either authoritative hubs for a given subject or popular content driven sites, like Yahoo!, used as a site’s. Most portals provide extensive content and advertising space for other sites.

Portal Site

A website having an entry point to the Internet for a large number of users. Examples include directories, search engines, service provider homepages, built-in default browser. Other Portal site examples are: sites offering free homepages, e-mail, or personalised news. Also, any popular site wiht enough traffic that peoople bookmark the site or use it for their home (default browser) page.


The web page ranking assigned by a search engine. The position indicates where that page is displayed in search results for a specified keyword or key phrase.


The process of assigning web sites or web pages by a search engine or a directory specific rank. The most relevant sites display first in the search results for a particular query.

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Positioning Technique

A technique for developing a web page so search engines, or a targeted search engine, will assign the page a higher relevance to a search query or set of queries..


Abbreviation for Pay Per Click.


Abbreviation for PageRank. Developed by Larry Page, co-founder of Google. Used by a Google algorithm to assign a relative “value” to a website based primarily in inbound links and link popularity.


The fourth factor for the “4P Marketing” formula, that includes Product...Price...Place ...Promotion. Promotion is getting out information about a product, a product line, or brand, and the company. Promotion consists of: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, plus publicity and public relations.


A reference to the the location of keywords within key phrases. Key search terms should remain intact within page content. Keywords should be close together, whenever possible, but not at the expense of readability. Search engines, inluding Google, use keyword proximity in their ranking algorithms.

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